Don’t sell your old vehicle.


Our company founders were fed up with driving behind old cars spewing toxic fumes. Why? We were sick (quite literally) of the headaches, dizziness, and nausea these fumes can cause. Worse, we had grown tired of witnessing the harm these older, gas guzzling, toxin-producing models can do to our environment. As a result, we decided to start Guzzler Busters.

Guzzler Busters’ mission is to prevent as much pollution as possible from being permanently released into our world. To do it, we purchase all manner of old, failing, and environmentally hazardous gas guzzlers and have them scrapped – removing their harmful impact on the environment forever. Better yet, our program can help you purchase a more eco-friendly vehicle so you can have a lasting, positive effect on our planet.


How We Can Help You

Simply selling your gas guzzler does not eliminate its negative effects on the environment or remove it from the road altogether. In fact, the only way to do that is to have it scrapped, which does not provide you with the income necessary to purchase a new vehicle and may even come with costs of its own. At Guzzler Busters, we recognize that scrapping a vehicle is not an option for most people, which is why we’ve developed our environmentally conscious – and financially responsible – method. By purchasing your gas guzzler and scrapping it ourselves, we give you the means to purchase a newer, more eco-friendly vehicle transition to a more sustainable future for you and the planet you love.

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